Welcome To The Big Time is the second episode of season one of Rimba Racer.


At Desert Rose, Tag and Miles arrive late to a press conference with the various racers, much to the annoyance of Ms. Torres. She introduces him to fellow newcomers, the nervous Cuckoo and the unintelligible Ooaa, before calling over Ms. Dira and the rest of the press. The other two freak out in various ways, while Tag makes a jerk of himself on screen with the lame line "Prepare to be Tagged!" Afterwards, his embarrassment is alleviated by the appearance of veterans Sonny and Meika, who take a liking to him after learning he is a fan of their previous races.

Unfortunately, the next two veterans Tag runs into-literally-are Krom and Wrecks, who are only stopped from beating up on him by Tamira. Rather than contend with her, the two depart, but the smitten Tag finds that the lady racer is less than impressed with him. Feeling overwhelmed, Tag visits Miles in their garage on the Ark, only to learn from Meelo that their confrontation has already made its way onto social media with certain exaggerations. With Miles' encouragement, Tag is able to get out on the track for the race.

Becks and Beaks are joined by Mr. King, who explains that the three-lane track of Desert Rose narrows to a single lane at three points. On the track, Tag struggles with nerves, and is edged out by Sonny, Meika, and Meelo. The latter manages to bluff Tag out of his way using the Azureus Dart's Poison Arrow, opening the way for Krom and Wrecks to come after Tag. With their vehicle's special features activated, Miles urges Tag to jump, only for Cuckoo's Ruby Star to come up behind the trio. He bumps Krom, who bumps back, inadvertently setting off the Ruby's Star's Supernova.

The explosion shorts out Krom and Wrecks' cars, taking them out of the race only for Cuckoo to crash himself while Tag narrowly escapes. Tag fears that he bit off more than he can chew, but Miles gives him a much-needed pep talk to get him back on course. He is thus able to use the Ripper's Thunder Pounce to jump a pileup caused by Ooaa's Golden Cosmos, leaving only Axle and Tamira in front of him. Though Tamira attempts to knock him out, Tag is able to regain control and drive backwards in order to cross the finish line in second place. Both Axle and Tamira show grudging respect for the newcomer, with King praising Tag's performance despite receiving a glare from Miles.


  • Tag and Tamira make references to the film The Wizard of Oz, specifically: Tag joking that a yellow line reminds him of the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City, Tamira commenting about him asking the Wizard for courage, and Tag then belatedly thinking up the retort that "she should've asked the Wizard for a heart!"
  • The social media website Squealer is an obvious parody of Twitter.
  • After Tag uses the Thunder Pounce, Beaks squawks "Riq", perhaps indicating that a similar move was used by Tag's father.
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