The New Guy is the first episode of season one of Rimba Racer.


As Tag is preparing to start his first Rimba Grand Prix Race, he flashes back to some time previously. Miles, arriving home early from a weekend trip, enters his garage only to find the Ripper gone. As it turns out, Tag has "borrowed" it and is in the middle of a street race against the Bash Brothers. He claims he wanted to test the car's jump feature in a race as Miles had suggested; however, due to Miles' incomplete work the jump is ineffective. Miles urges him to forfeit, only to learn that Tag bet his car in order to pay for the race.

Fortunately, Tag is able to win by going off road, to the delight of spectators and the frustration of his opponents. Afterwards, he is approached by a woman who-after clarifying that she does not represent Frank, Charlie, or Lester-reveals she is a representative of Mr. King. She then offers Tag a spot in the Rimba Grand Prix, to his astonishment. Later, Tag returns to Miles' garage with the Ripper and Jonah Bash's car, and informs him of Torres' offer, which is proven legitimate by a signing bonus. However, Miles is less than enthusiastic about associating with King, and tries to convince Tag that his father wouldn't have approved.

Tag disregards this, reminding Miles that his father is gone, and finally manages to convince Miles to join him. Shortly thereafter, newscasters Becks and Beaks announce the commencement of the Thirteenth Rimba Grand Prix. After a statement from King, they introduce the seven veteran racers taking part this year: Sonny, Meika, Tamira, Meelo, Krom, Wrecks, and Axle. They then go to Ms. Dira, on board the Ark on its way to the Desert Rose speed track, who attempts to interview the taciturn Axle with little success.

Torres visits King in his office aboard the Ark, with reports on the latest ratings and mixed feelings about some of the latest competitors. When she tells him about finding Tag, King notes suspiciously that he seems familiar. The Ark arrives at Desert Rose just as Tag and Miles arrive, with Miles still uncertain while Tag is exuberant. However, after seeing the veterans emerge from the Ark in their cars and perform a small exhibition, Tag's confidence plummets.

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