"Prepare to be Tagged!"
—Tag's catchphrase

Tag is an anthropomorphic male tiger and the main character of Rimba Racer.

Official Description

"Tag is a newcomer to the Rimba Grand Prix, an event he's been dreaming to take part in since he was young. He possesses a natural talent for racing and is quick to adapt to new challenges.

Although he is often carefree, cocky and outgoing, Tag has the tendency to dive headlong into action without thinking things through. Nevertheless, he is extremely resourceful and quick to land on his feet even in the worst of situations."[1]


Early Life

Tag was born the son of Riq, a racer of considerable talent who apparently died during a race at Pinewood Reservoir when Tag was eight years old. Despite his father's loss, Tag grew up with a passion for racing, having attempted to build his own engine prior to Riq's disappearance. Under the watch of his father's old crew chief Miles, Tag aspired to enter the Rimba Grand Prix as his father had. His chance eventually came when, after a street race against the Bash Brothers, he was approached by Ms. Torres and offered a spot. Though Miles was reluctant, Tag persuaded him to take part in the RGP.


In "The New Guy", an initially confident Tag starts to have second thoughts after seeing the seven veteran racers put on a driving exhibition. In "Welcome To The Big Time", he makes a fool of himself during his first television interview, while inadvertently inventing his catchphrase. Though he befriends Meika and Sonny, his interactions with the other racers go far less smoothly. During the first race at Desert Rose speed track, he becomes convinced that he doesn't belong there, but Miles is able to boost his confidence. Tag then makes a stunning recovery, and manages to win second place, the highest finish for a rookie racer in some time.

In "Playing With Fire", Tag's success is marred by his embarrassing first endorsement deal as mascot for Jump Jump Power Drink. His efforts to put a stop to it get him even more on Krom's bad side, prior to his being attack in the Ripper's garage by an unseen assailant. Tag winds up in the hospital, in danger of being unable to take part in the next race at Highland Air Race Track, but awakens and is able to take part in the race. He then learns that his attacker was really looking to sabotage the Ripper, but is able to effect a repair. A fuel tank puncture caused by Wrecks also poses a problem, but Tag ultimately manages to finish in seventh place.

In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", Tag and Miles are stunned to learn that the next race is set to take place at Pinewood, where Tag's father is thought to have died. The prospect of racing there affects Tag's mood and his practice racing in the Ark simulator, leading Meika and Sonny to take him to Meelo for help. After being put through a rigorous-and at times terrifying-gauntlet, Tag is pronounced "cured", but Sonny recognizes what's really affecting Tag and offers his support. Once he has revealed his heritage to Sonny, Tag is able to take part in the race, determined to shake the specter of his father's loss once and for all. He astonishes everyone by managing to win first place, and later celebrates with Miles.

In "Can I Get A Ka-Ching!", Tag becomes somewhat overenthusiastic about his recent victory, buying himself a trophy to commemorate it. However, Miles then informs him that they lack the funds to repair the Ripper; on Sonny's advice, the pair begin seeking out sponsors. With help from Torres, the pair attempt to win over various backers, and ultimately land Tag an embarrassing role in a commercial for Uncle Saul's Foot Deodorizer. He afterwards runs into Tamira, who is likewise dealing with financial woes, and the pair bond over their troubles. Tag's commercial gets him the money needed to outfit the Ripper for the race at Blizzard's Bite, but he ends up being beaten by Axle.

In "Mostly True Confessions", Tag's loss causes him to develop an obsession with figuring out how to beat Axle. His friends try to help him deal with the situation, but they are forced to deal with Krom, who is out for revenge on Meelo. They are further distracted by Ms. Dira interviewing the various racers, and eventually take refuge in Tag's garage. However, Meelo sneaks out and confronts Krom, and to his friend's surprise proves more than a match for the larger racer. Grateful for Tag's concern, despite his annoyance with it, Meelo provides Tag with footage of Axle's past five years of racing for study.

In "It's Just Business", Tag's cooperation with his friends allows all four of them to climb the RGP rankings. King then offers Tag a spot on his team, and Tag considers accepting based on the offer of money. However, after Miles points out that they would be cheating, and Tag enjoys some quality time with his friends, Tag decides to refuse. King is less than pleased, and warns Tag that there will be consequences; this is fulfilled when Tamira knocks him off the track during the Jungle Gym Invitational. After angrily confronting both Tamira and King and receiving another warning, Tag decides he'll need even more help from his friends.



Tag is good - hearted tiger, he is kind and never likes confrontations as he can be a coward in a situation but he also has its limits and is not afraid to let his temper flare when he wants to prove he is correct and knows how to argue in terms of fairness but most of the time when he will be confronted he shows signs of fear like in Playing with Fire where he accidentally spilled Krom's drinks and just showed a face of fear when he saw Krom angrily talking about him with Wrecks and later on got startled by Tamira suddenly entering the garage, but when Tag discovers the RGP isn't being fair Tag later decides to confront King and quit the race since he doesn't want to be involved in such a race with underhanded tactics, but during the 14th season of RGP (The first season that Tag will enter as a veteran) Tag showed much bravery even confronting the 'new rookies' specifically Pike when he realizes that during the race Pike let him win on purpose and when Pike, Xeno and Vyx started working together throughout the races which causes Tag to be suspicious of their intent eventually he discovers that the rookies are criminals whom the ringmasters chose to be in the RGP and discovers that the Ringmasters have clean their criminal records which causes him to be worried since the RGP never gave them a fair race and will do anything to get him out of the RGP



Tag in his racing attire.

Tag is a tall, muscular young man with a mostly human build, without the bulk of Sonny or Krom. He is covered in fur consisting of white patches around his eyes, a white area on his lower face that extends down his neck and white palms. The rest of his fur is orange, with the exception of brown stripes matching the outside of his ears and the color of his eyebrows. He has brown eyes and a blunt brown nose.

Tag's racing attire consists of a full body jumpsuit that leaves only his head exposed; the body is mostly orange but with black sides. The sleeves are black and gray, with black fingers on the glove portions. Tag's logo is emblazoned on the left breast and shoulder of his suit, as well as on the back. Tag's helmet is mostly black, but with orange sides and a series of orange stripes on the top.

His casual attire consists of jeans and an orange shirt with sleeves that are back, except for orange strips that run down from his shoulders to orange cuffs. His shoes are dark blue with orange soles that run up onto the toes. As a child, he was seen wearing a white T-shirt with orange shoulders and short sleeves.



Tag was a great admirer of Axle's career, but in trying to approach him found Axle aloof, as he seemed to be with just about everyone. However, Tag's impressive driving abilities did impress the champion, who congratulated Tag after the race at Pinewood. Axle's status as a member of King's team put him at odds with Tag and his friends, though it was mostly Axle's teammates who tried to knock out the other racers. Just before the final race of RGP XIII, Tag even tried to convince Axle to join the Tag Team in bringing down King. Axle refused out of loyalty to his benefactor, but wished Tag luck in the race.

Becks and Beaks

Tag has had a number of interviews with Becks and Beaks, and discussion with Becks is usually amiable. Beaks, of course, rarely says anything, but seems to have been quick to guess at Tag's heritage, squawking "Riq!" after seeing him drive at Desert Rose.


Despite being recruited for the Rimba Grand Prix at around the same time, Tag and Cuckoo never interacted much during the racing season in which they both competed. Cuckoo was seen to laugh at Tag's Jump Jump ad, though he was hardly the only one to do so.


Tag got on Krom's bad side soon after entering the world of Rimba Grand Prix, and the antagonism only got worse on both sides. Tag came to believe that Krom had attacked him in order to eliminate him from the competition, and sought to repay what he saw as a cowardly attack. As a member of King's team of racers, Krom took delight in seeking to actively eliminate Tag and his friends from competition, and was willing to risk serious injury to them in the process.


From what little has been seen, Tag was very fond of his mother.


Tag and Meelo got off on something of a wrong foot, with Meelo initially creeping Tag out with his odd behavior, and then becoming angry over Tag's superior first endorsement. Things only got worse when Miles went after Meelo, suspecting him of attacking Tag. However, Meelo later agreed to help Tag get over "the shakes", more out of a personal interest in the affliction than real concern for Tag.


Tag has followed Meika's racing career and was an admirer of hers, which quickly led to her taking a shine to him. Though the two are competitors, they quickly became friends, with Meika often seeking to help Tag overcome various problems. He apparently finds her attractive, though there's been no indication of romantic interest between the two.


Tag and Miles

A typical moment between Tag and Miles.

Miles is Tag's mentor and mechanic, who often provides Tag with advice about both his racing and his life. Though he respects Miles, Tag at times takes advantage of their relationship, such as taking the Ripper out for a street race while Miles was out of town.

Mr. King

Tag initially regarded King as the benevolent figure he put on a show of being, and even saw him as a potential ally. However, when King offered Tag a place on his team, Tag began to glimpse his true character as a manipulator of events in the RGP. When King warned Tag against refusing his offer, Tag became indignant, recognizing that he was being threatened. Tag later stormed into King's office to confront him, but King was unintimidated and warned Tag that worse would follow if he didn't fall into line, going so far as to threaten to end Tag's racing career.

Ms. Dira

Tag often embarrasses himself in interviews with Dira, as he attempts to play the cool, confident racer only to make some foolish comment.

Ms. Torres

Ms. Torres was responsible for recruiting Tag to the Rimba Grand Prix, having seen him win a street race. At first he believed she represented some acquaintance or other looking to collect a debt he owed, but soon learned her true identity and purpose. He later commented to Miles that he found her "very cute", but their interactions since have been purely professional.


Despite being recruited for the Rimba Grand Prix at around the same time, Tag and Ooaa never interacted much during the racing season in which they both competed.



Like the majority of his friends, Tag was initially unaware of the existence of the Ringmasters or their role as the true power behind the Rimba Grand Prix. However, the Ringmasters had a great effect on Tag's life without him knowing it, being the reason that he believed his father to be dead for over a decade.


According to Miles, Tag takes after his father, whom they both thought died thirteen years before Tag's entry into the Rimba Grand Prix. Though Miles often mentions Tag's father as a means of motivating him to make wise choices or perform better, Tag is quick to point out that his father isn't around. Riq always kept his family and racing life separate, something that Tag never quite understood. Unbeknownst to him, Riq wanted his son to have a normal life, without media attention.

In seeking to begin his own racing career, Tag deliberately kept his status as Riq's son quiet, not wanting to have his status be based on Riq's own successes. He was later startled to learn that his father was alive, though he was apparently reluctant to hear him out due to Riq hiding himself for fourteen years. Eventually the two began meeting again, and Tag began to long to spend time with his father. Unfortunately, the only contact the two could have was in their efforts against the Ringmasters, whose power made it too dangerous for the pair to enjoy time together as father and son.


Tag was an admirer of Sonny's before becoming an RGP racer himself, and soon endeared himself to the more experienced racer. After seeing Tag in action on the track, Sonny became impressed with the newcomer, and a friendship soon developed between the two. Sonny was also able to guess the truth about Tag's parentage, recognizing the similarities between Tag's driving and that of his father Riq. He was thus able to guess what was bothering Tag about the upcoming race at Pinewood Reservoir, and offered his support.

Sonny has also endeavored to offer Tag advice in various situations, including the trials of sponsorship and not taking racing too seriously.


Tag quickly developed an interest in Tamira after she saved him from being mugged by Krom and Wrecks, though Tamira didn't seem to reciprocate any of his feelings. Though she obviously regarded him as a competitor and contended fiercely with him during the first race of the Rimba Grand Prix, she was apparently impressed by his surprise victory over her. Despite this, she later voiced the opinion that Tag didn't belong in the Grand Prix. Unbeknownst to Tag, Tamira later sabotaged his racer in an attempt to get him out of the competition.



For much of the thirteenth Rimba Grand Prix, Wrecks was nothing but antagonist towards Tag. This was due mainly to Tag's rookie status, compared to Wrecks as a veteran, and Wrecks' place on King's unofficial racing team. However, Wrecks' sense of honor eventually overcame his allegiance to King, and he later congratulated Tag for placing second in the overall Grand Prix.



  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Tag loves to prank people, but he knows his limits when it comes to Miles."
    • "Tag's mother, Lily, met his father when she was serving as a waitress in a diner."
    • "Tag named his car after a legendary racer who was known for his aggressive driving style."
    • "Tag's design is based on the Malayan tiger, the smallest of its species."
    • "Tag lost his tail in a freakish homemade 'cardboard box-rocket' accident as a boy."
    • "Tag can't cook. As far as Miles is concerned, Tag is still banned from the kitchen."
    • "Tag's stripes are shaped like lightning bolts."
    • "Tag is short for Taggart."
    • "Tag had an unsuccessful stint as a wedding singer in Sliver City."
    • "After his mother passed away, Tag was taken in by Miles and moved to Silver City."
    • "Before the Ripper was officially named, Tag and Miles referred to it as 'TGR 1000 Mk1.2'."
    • "He'll never admit it, but Tag secretly likes the taste of 'Jump Jump Power Drink'."
    • "Before the RGP, Tag participated in several minor racing leagues around Silver City."


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