Smythe is an anthropomorphic male badger who acted as an agent for the Ringmasters.


In "A Lesson In History", Smythe approached Riq shortly before he was scheduled to take part in a championship race at Pinewood Reservoir. Smythe explained to Riq that he represented people who hoped to revolutionize the sport. Riq was skeptical, noting that such an endeavor would require a lot of money and that racing hadn't attracted sponsorship for decades. Smythe calmly explained that his employers had the ability to attract sponsors and media attention, but that they were looking for someone to be their public face. Upon learning that they would insure continued interest by rigging the races, Riq refused to have any part in the matter.

Smythe expressed disappointment, but also warned Riq to keep their conversation to himself to the sake of anyone he cared about. However, the Ringmasters apparently decided that Riq had already heard too much, and ordered Smythe to see that he was permanently silenced. Through King, whom Smythe had already enlisted to take Riq's place, they attempted to convince Riq's mechanic Miles to sabotage the car. Knowing Miles wouldn't actually harm Riq, Smythe took the precaution of having Xeno plant a device on Riq's car that was intended to cause his death.

Smythe is mentioned again in "Lines In The Sand" after Riq debriefs the Tag Team-primarily Sonny and Meelo about his history with the Ringmasters.


Smythe presented himself as a charming, friendly individual who sought to help Riq better his life and revitalize his beloved sport. When confronted with the illegalities of what he proposed, he tried to persuade Riq with the idea of the wealth and power he would possess. Upon being refused, he did not become outwardly angry, but also had no qualms about threatening Riq or those he cared about. Smythe was also perfectly content with ordering Riq's death, overriding King's weak objections to the plan and personally overseeing Xeno's efforts.


Smythe was a short humanoid badger, somewhat taller than Xeno, with white and black fur, blue eyes, and a large black nose. He wore a green flat cap, a red plaid scarf or ascot, and a large blue coat. His pants and shoes were black, and he carried a light brown cane with a brown handle and a black tip.


Mr. King




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