Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls is the fourth episode of season one of Rimba Racer.


Aboard the Ark, Tag and Miles are hanging out in Sonny's room, only to find that the fan response to their performance at Highland Air Race Track is less than positive. Determined to win the next race, the pair are caught off guard when Becks and Beaks announce that Pinewood Reservoir will serve as the setting of the next race. The track has a history, having been the place whee the legendary racer Riq is thought to have perished after losing control of his car. Relocating to the lounge, Tag thinks back to the day of Riq's death, which he witnessed as a child, and is unexpectedly comforted by Tamira.

Back in their garage, Tag finds that Miles has completely disassembled the Ripper, and that Krom and Wrecks are badmouthing him on television. After an embarrassing run-in with Axle, Tag hits the Ark racing simulator, but is obviously distracted. Having witnessed his performance, Meika and Sonny become convinced that Tag has "the shakes", a condition that often afflicts new drivers. To his surprise, they take him to Meelo, who upon learning of Tag's condition agrees to help, though he still resents Miles' previous confrontation with him. Long fascinated by the condition, Meelo performs various tests in an effort to help Tag overcome his condition.

After a rigorous gauntlet including being shot with paint balls, boxing with Meika, and bungee-jumping from balcony of the Ark, Meelo believes he has cured Tag. Back at the garage, Miles has completed reassembly of the Ripper, but after remembering his last exchange with Riq and his promise to watch over Tag, he goes back to work. As the Ark arrives at Pinewood, Sonny comes to Tag and reveals that he knows it's Pinewood that's thrown Tag off. At his urging, Tag admits that Riq was his father, which Sonny had already come to suspect due to Tag driving just like Riq.

The following day, the race at Pinewood-which is being done with no special gimmicks-begins, with Tag quickly moving up the ranks in spite of his previous struggles. Miles, concerned about Tag, urges him to act more cautiously, and later suggests using the Thunder Pounce only for Tag to hold off. Tag then announces his determination to put the tragedy of Pinewood behind them, and drifts past the very spot where his father's burning car plunged into a river. He soon has only Axle in front of him, and the champion deploys the Falcon Mach-1's Hyper Speed Mode in an effort to retain his lead.

Unfortunately for Axle, a sharp turn causes him to lose control, and his car ends up on its side blocking the track. Having saved the Thunder Pounce, Tag is able to jump over the downed car, and wins the race as the only racer to finish. Despite his loss, Axle congratulates Tag, who then goes to see Miles, whom he assures wasn't responsible for Riq's crash, though Miles seems less sure. Miles then pulls out some cans of Jump Jump Power Drink to make a toast, though the beverage proves disgusting.


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