Rock & A Hard Place is the eleventh episode of season one of Rimba Racer.


Following Tamira's departure, the Rimba Grand Prix's ratings are dropping with no racer around to truly pose a threat to Axle. While King fumes over these developments, Meelo informs Sonny and Meika that the only one who can hope to beat Axle is Tag. As such, they head to Miles' garage, where he and Tag are rebuilding the Ripper using the funds provided by Tamira. Working together, they soon have the racer finished, with Meelo adding a patented part to prevent King from hacking into the car's systems as he has done to other vehicles.

With the car rebuilt, the friends face their next challenge: how to get Tag back into the Grand Prix. Sonny calls up Torres, who advises him "That it is is better to ask forgiveness, rather than permission." The group is baffled, but after receiving a call from Tamira and considering the matter further, Tag stumbles upon a solution. Arranging his own press conference, he announces-falsely-that he has been invited to rejoin the Grand Prix and accepted the offer. King, furious, is ready to pay Tag back for his insolence, until Torres informs him of the ratings potential and he gets a call from his mysterious employer.

King is forced to play along with Tag's deception, and the next race opens at Ruby Rock, a mountainous and winding course. Tag makes an entrance in the rebuilt Ripper, and soon joins his teammates in taking on the remnants of King's team. Sonny pays Krom back for their last race, while Wrecks disobeys King's orders in a bid to win first place. Meelo's part thwarts King's attempt to disable the Ripper, and Tag uses its new Thunder Strike feature to cut ahead of Wrecks and take first place. This puts Tag in position to beat out Axle, much to the fury of a thwarted King.


  • Sonny's line of "You're all clear kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home!" is lifted from Star Wars: A New Hope.
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