Riq is an anthropomorphic male tiger and Tag's father.


Riq has been an RPG racer for some time before an accident during the race at Pinewood made him stop, for fear that the Ringmasters will take him and his family out because of this he just let the world know that he is dead without any family as he separated his racing life and family life to give Tag and Lily a normal life without much media attention, over the next few years after the accident Riq has learned to become invisible so he could take down the Ringmasters. however he later learned from Tamira that his son Tag has joined the RGP and attempted to keep him away but his attempts failed, eventually he accepted that Tag seems to like the life of a racer and decided to leave him in peace with his racing but he is still protective of him as he planned to have Tamira help him to reunite with Tag to tell him who is really running up against. almost throughout the first season Riq is only mentioned and seen as a flashback however he made his first debut physical appearance in The Finish Line in the second season Riq began to show up more often usually for a brief period of time



Riq has a similar build to his son, Tag, and is similarly covered in white or orange, brown-striped fur. Riq's stripes have a different pattern from Tag's, and the white marks around his yellow eyes are connected to the white on his lower face, unlike Tag's. He also has a pattern of stripes on his chin. He has several scars on the right side of his face-one across his mouth, one on his cheek, and two more on the side of his head-from the accident that was thought to have taken his life.

As a racer, Riq wore a light gray jumpsuit with orange and brown decoration on the legs, arms, and sides of his torso. His boots were gray with orange and brown stripes, and his gloves were gray with orange palms and stripes across the back. His racing helmet was also gray, with brown lines around the transparent visor and orange decoration on the sides, chin, and back. Following his accident he was seen wearing black shoes, jeans, and a dark red hooded jacket with gray sleeves over a black shirt.

In the present, Riq wears similar shoes and jeans, but now sports a brown jacket with dark brown patches on the front and dark brown stripes on the arms. He wears this over a sleeveless white top; the same attire-minus the jacket-doubles as his pajamas.




Mr. King

Riq and King were competitors in the days before the Rimba Grand Prix was organized, with Riq always managing to beat King. Despite this, their relationship seems to have been fairly genial. Unfortunately, King was all too eager to accept the job Riq refused as figurehead for the Ringmasters' schemes. He thus convinced Miles to sabotage Riq's car, while the Ringmasters employed their own means to try and kill Riq. To his credit, King did seem to feel it was unnecessary to kill Riq, though he didn't do much more than weakly protest.

Years later, King apparently came to suspect a connection between Tag and Riq from their similar driving styles.


Riq learned of the Ringmasters many years ago, and became dedicated to uncovering their sinister agenda.

Riq's wife

Riq loved his wife, but purposefully made sure the media were unaware of her or Tag, wanting his son to have a normal life. Ultimately his longing to be with them more outgrew his passion for racing, and he determined to retire so he could be with them. Sadly, his refusal to sign on as the Ringmasters' front man prompted them to attempt to kill him, and he was thought to have been killed. Though Riq initially wanted to call his wife and son and let them know he was alive, he realized that the Ringmasters would go after them. As such, he allowed the world to go on believing that he was dead, while seeking to pay back those who had forced him from his family.



Sonny was a huge fan of Riq's racing career, being so familiar with Riq's style of driving that he was able to detect the similar style Tag employed. Upon meeting Riq, whom he had thought to be dead, Sonny was overawed, and Riq was pleased to meet such an enthusiastic fan. However, the revelation-among others-did anger Sonny, as his friends had been keeping him out of the loop.


As Tag's father, Riq kept his son out of the public eye, not wanting him to be mixed up with the fame of Riq's career. Wanting to be with them, he decided he would retire after winning his fourth consecutive championship. Unfortunately, the Ringmasters' scheming interfered, and Riq was forced to keep himself apart from his son in order to insure Tag's safety. After Tag entered the RGP XIII, it is possible that Riq had Tamira sabotage the Ripper in an attempt to get Tag out of the tournament and away from danger, though the effort failed.

After the end of the tournament, Riq finally revealed himself to Tag and Miles, as well as telling his son about Miles' sabotage of his car prior to his final race. At another encounter, the full story came out, and despite his anger at Miles Riq thanked him for watching over Tag. Tag later brought his father aboard the Ark to give his friends info about the Ringmasters' operatives. When Riq had to leave, Tag expressed disappointment at not being able to spend more time with his father. Riq sympathized, reminding him that it was the Ringmasters' fault, and that only when the villains were taken down would the two be able to truly reunite.


At some point, Riq enlisted Tamira in his efforts against the Ringmasters, and she served as his agent to try and take down the RGP from the inside. Tamira carried out Riq's orders, and he subsequently provided her with equipment to escape after she was caught breaking into King's personal computer. Tamira subsequently returned to the RGP and, aided by the Tag Team, continued to seek a means of bringing down the Ringmasters. She also brought Tag and Miles to Riq so he could reveal he was still alive, and later smuggled him aboard the Ark.


Acting on behalf of the Ringmasters, Xeno planted a device on Riq's car that caused it to overheat and shut down, which landed Riq in the Pinewood Reservoir river. The official report blamed the accident on an illegal device for improving the car's performance, and Riq was slandered as having cheated his way to his numerous victories. Riq later used his secret network to determine that Xeno had been engaged in criminal activities for some years, and recognized one of his devices as bearing the same marking as the one that caused his accident.

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