Pinewood Reservoir is a racetrack used during the Rimba Grand Prix XIII after being disused for a number of years.



In "A Lesson In History", Pinewood Reservoir was to be the site of Riq's final championship race before he intended to retire from professional racing to be with his family. After beating King in a practice run on the track, Riq was approached by Smythe about serving as the face of a reimagined-and rigged-racing tournament. He refused to have anything to do with the idea, but was warned not to mention Smythe's proposal to anyone. Around this time, Riq also told Miles of his plans to retire, and Miles failed to convince him to change his mind.

Acting on a suggestion from King, Miles sabotaged Riq's car in hopes that he would lose the race and feel compelled to remain in the sport. However, Xeno-acting on Smythe's orders-placed a device intended to kill Riq. Riq and his car ended up in the reservoir's river, but unbeknownst to anyone Riq survived. News reports-no doubt influenced by Smythe and his employers-indicated that the accident was the result of Riq and Miles attempting to cheat.


Years later in "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", Pinewood was announced as the next course for the RGP XIII. King took great advantage of the location's notoriety, running ads about Riq's apparent demise there while assuring viewers and fans that the RGP was greatly concerned with the safety of the racers. Tag, Riq's son, who had witnessed his father's apparently fatal crash on television, was deeply affected, causing his friends to believe he had developed "the shakes". However, Sonny ultimately deduced the true reason for Tag's unease, leading to Tag telling him the truth about Riq.

During the race at Pinewood, Miles proved quite anxious over Tag, but the young tiger continued to drive as normal. He had resolved that it was time for both of them to lay to rest the ghosts conjured up by the memory of Riq's last race. After Axle miscalculated and crashed his Falcon Mach-1, Tag was able to use the Ripper's Thunder Pounce to get past him and win the race, his first victory in the RGP.

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