Ms. Torres is Mr. King's no-nonsense aide who handles much of day-to-day business of the Rimba Grand Prix.

Official Description

"As Mr. King's personal assistant, Torres effectively coordinates all of King's business matters. Cool, competent and extremely dedicated to her job, she performs all of her tasks without question.

With her keen intelligence and eidetic memory, she carries out her orders with uncanny efficiency. Her social skills still need some work though, as many find her unapproachable and intimidating."[1]



Accompanied by Mr. King's guards in "The New Guy", Torres approached Tag after his street race with the Bash Brothers. After being mistaken for a representative of Frank, Charlie, or Lester, she identified herself and offered Tag a spot in the RGP XIII. She later visited Mr. King in his office and gave him a report on ratings for the RGP premiere. She was disparaging of Cuckoo and Ooaa, but told King about Tag and her belief that he would make an excellent addition to the tournament.

In "Welcome To The Big Time", Torres appeared at an RGP press conference, and accosted Tag for arriving late before moving him along to stand with Cuckoo and Ooaa. In "Playing With Fire" she is seen in the Ark lounge talking with Mr. King, but they depart before Tag can approach them. She is later present in King's office when the veteran racers and Miles come to voice complaints about an attack on Tag. In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", she appears at King's press conference preceding the race at Pinewood Reservoir.


Torres is a consummate professional, concerned with making sure that everything runs smoothly. She has no time or tolerance for nonsense from anyone, and is also quite free in voicing her displeasure.


Torres has a slim humaonid feminine build, and is taller that Cuckoo or Ooaa but slightly shorter than Tag, though her ears give the impression of greater height. Much of her fur is dark gray, but a large white patch on her chest extends up the front of her neck and face, encompassing her nose, mouth, and left eye and extending almost to her left ear. Her right eyebrow is the same color of white, while her left eyebrow is dark gray like the rest of her fur; the insides of her ears and the tip of her nose are pink.

Torres wears black-framed pince-nez glasses, through which her blue eyes are visible. Her typical attire consists of a dark blue dress suit, with a long-sleeved red shirt visible under the jacket. She wears black high-heel shoes and black or dark gray tights.




Ms. Torres had a low opinion of Cuckoo, seeing him as a disappointing addition to the roster for RGP XIII.




Mr. King

Mr. King is Torres' direct superior, and her primary purpose is to assist him in various tasks. She is quite comfortable with making claims and offers on King's behalf, even when he himself is unaware of them. Despite this, she does not always share her boss' opinions, and in some ways is far more competent than King is.

Ms. Dira


Like his fellow rookie Cuckoo, Ooaa was seen by Torres as a lackluster competitor for RGP XIII; when King tried to convince her they would grow on her, she responded "Fungus often does sir."


Apparently ignorant of Pike's role as a Ringmasters operative, Torres once attempted to get him and his teammates to work on their camera performances. Pike dismissed Torres' concerns, mistaking her for a menial lackey. When he told her to get them lunch, she made no retort to his face, but gained a measure of revenge in instructing that they be given leftovers.


As with all racers, Torres' relationship with Sonny seems to be purely professional. She was very blunt in answering his inquiry as to the odds of Tag being readmitted to RGP XIII; however, she also gave him a hint that proved crucial to Tag making it back in.


Ms. Torres was responsible for recruiting Tag for the Rimba Grand Prix; after their exchange, he commented that she was "very cute". Their interactions since all appear to have been professional, with Torres occasionally being frustrated with Tag's lack of professionalism. Despite this, she did later help him find a way of reentering the RGP XIII after quitting, and was quick to point out to King how badly fans would react if he prevented it.



Torres is apparently ignorant of Vyxx's status as a Ringmasters operative, seeing her as just another racer.



Torres is apparently ignorant of Xeno's status as a Ringmasters operative, seeing him as just another racer.


  • According to the trivia section on her Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Torres comes from a large family and had to compete with her siblings for everything."
    • "Torres is proficient in various forms of martial arts including aikido and judo."
    • "Torres has plenty of admirers, but they are too terrified to approach her."
    • "Torres only goes to bed when she is certain that all the day's tasks are completed."
    • "Torres is not fond of taking vacations – she finds them non-productive."
    • "Torres' design is based on the Dutch rabbit."
    • "Not many know that Torres' first name is Vera."
    • "Torres' favorite dessert is carrot cookie ice cream."
    • "On her short breaks, Torres reads drama and novels on her tablet."
    • "Torres has a reputation for being very hard on those she considers incompetent."
    • "Although most of her tasks are business-related, Torres is very knowledgeable about cars."


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