Ms. Dira is a female deer and field reporter who often interviews Rimba Grand Prix competitors and officials.

Official Description

"An excitable, enthusiastic young reporter, Miss Dira has built quite a reputation for herself as the on-the-scene correspondent for the Rimba Grand Prix. With her friendly attitude, articulate reporting style, keen interviewing skills and go-for-it attitude, she is a household name on the Rimba News Network sports channel.

Although mostly professional, she maintains the same cheerful and easy-going disposition when off-camera."[1]



In "The New Guy", Ms. Dira attempted to interview Axle prior to the start of RGP XIII, but found him unwilling to say more than a few words. In "Welcome To The Big Time" she attended a press conference with the season's ten racers, and soon went to interview the three racers. This led to some awkwardness, as Cuckoo had a panic attack, Ooaa jumped on one of her colleagues, and Tag put on a show of being absurdly confident. Later, after Tag makes a stunning second-place finish, Dira rushes past Axle to interview the rookie. In "Playing With Fire", Dira reports from Highland Air Race Track, describing some of the hazards of the race there.

In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", Dira interviews a pair of fans who blame Tag's crew chief, Miles, for the near disaster at Highland Air. Later, she reports from Pinewood Reservoir, recounting the events of Riq's accident and apparent death from the very spot where it occurred. Afterwards, she interviews Krom and Wrecks about Tag's media reception. Following the race at Pinewood and Tag's taking first place, she rushes in to interview him.

In "Can I Get A Ka-Ching!", Dira reports from the starting line of Blizzard's Bite. In "Mostly True Confessions", she and her cameraman Dewey go around the Ark filming a behind the scenes documentary on RGP XIII. She conducts interviews with the various racers questioning them about life as racers and various rumors. She also approaches King in the Ark's lounge about an interview, and is flattered by his compliments. King helps arrange for her to interview Tamira, who after some awkwardness provides an awe-inspiring answer to Dira's questions.


Dira is a cheery, sociable woman, which fits well in her role as a field reporter. She typically tries to make racers comfortable during interviews, though she's not afraid to ask probing questions.


Dira has a slim feminine build, and is shorter and slighter than Meika. She has light tan fan around her mouth and extending down her neck, with darker tan fur on her cheeks and around her eyes. The fur on the top and back of her head and pointed ears is brown, and she has dark brown eyebrows and a black nose. Dira's irises are brown, and the insides of her ears are pink.

Dira typically wears black shoes and blue jeans, the latter reaching all the way down to her ankles. She also wears a high-collared, long-sleeved white blouse, over which she sports a blue suit jacket. Dira's press badge hangs from her right lapel, and she often wears an earpiece in her right ear and carries a microphone.



Due to his aloof nature, Axle is reluctant to be interviewed by Ms. Dira, who is often confused by what few words she can get out of him.

Becks and Beaks

Becks and Beaks are Ms. Dira's colleagues, typically staying in the news room while she's out in the field.


When first interviewed by Ms. Dira, Cuckoo broke down in panic, somewhat unnerving the cheerful deer.


Despite his brutish tendencies, Krom typically behaves positively when speaking with Dira, though he's not afraid to make negative comments about other racers.



As one of the more sociable racers, Meika has no issues with being interviewed by Dira.

Mr. King

In order to keep up his positive media image, King is usually fine with being interviewed by Dira, and is often complimentary towards her. Dira, for her part, seems to enjoy King's flattery.

Ms. Torres


Like most people, Dira is baffled by Ooaa's primate means of communication.


Of the RGP XIV "rookies", Pike is the most cordial to Dira, keeping up the appearance of being an eager newcomer. However, after an altercation between him and Meika, Dira was quick to spread word of a supposed failing romance between the wolf and fox.


During an interview, Sonny was rather nervous around Dira, though it was mainly because she asked him about rumors of fighting between racers.


Tag and Dira's first interview was somewhat awkward, with the tiger trying to cover his nervousness with bravado.


Like Axle, Tamira is reluctant to be interviewed, though she later opened up to Dira after being tricked into one by King.


Unlike Pike, Vyxx makes little effort to maintain a character in front of Dira.


Wrecks seemed to enjoy being interviewed by Dira, though primarily because it gave him the chance to bad mouth on Tag during RGP XIII.


Xeno is the least communicative of all the RGP XIV newcomers, and refuses to even comment when questioned by Dira.


  • According to the trivia section of her Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Even when not on duty, Miss Dira always carries a notepad and a recorder in her pockets."
    • "Miss Dira is a licensed skydiver, scuba diver and paraglider."
    • "Before working with the RGP, Miss Dira was assigned to cover the extreme sports scene."
    • "Although she is famous for covering the RGP, Miss Dira does not know how to drive."
    • "Miss Dira is also the author of a popular online travel blog, ''."
    • "Miss Dira's design is based on the lesser mouse deer, also know as the kanchil."
    • "Miss Dira's name is a cheeky plan on the words 'mouse deer'."
    • "Miss Dira always travels with her long-time camera partner, Dewey."
    • "Often busy with work, Miss Dira has an unhealthy tendancy to skip her meals."
    • "As an RGP reporter, Miss Dira has access to nearly all locations on the Ark."


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