Mostly True Confessions is the sixth episode of season one of Rimba Racer.


Tag, obsessed with figuring out how to beat Axle, starts to worry Miles and Sonny, with the latter pulling him away from the screen in his garage. After doing an interview with Ms. Dira, Meika joins the two in the Ark's simulator room, and notes that Tag's behavior isn't too surprising. After Tag's own interview with Dira, he and Sonny come across Krom and Wrecks cornering Meelo, looking for payback after his attack on Krom during the Blizzard's Bite race. They come to Meelo's defense, though Meelo objects to their interference; fortunately, Meika creates a smokescreen with a fire extinguisher.

As the friends attempt to calm down an angry Meelo, they run into Dira and Dewey, who are doing interviews as part of a documentary; she provides a distraction by interviewing Krom and Wrecks. She later questions Sonny about the incident during an interview, and he tries to brush off her concerns. In the Ark lounge, Tamira approaches King wanting details about her new duties, but he tells her to wait while he talks with Dira. Axle observes this from a distance, while in the corridors Tag and his friends continue to evade Krom and Wrecks.

The four hide out in Tag's garage, which is heavily secured following the attack on Tag. Meelo quickly gets on Miles' nerves, and runs across Axle and Tamira after the former has warned the latter about King's duplicity. To Tamira's annoyance, Meika thinks she may have interrupted a romantic encounter; Axle, meanwhile, displays his usual silence in an interview. Tag and Sonny try to keep the peace between Miles and Meelo, only for Meelo to slip out while they're not looking. Ms. Torres then informs Tamira that King wants to see her, and he sends her on an errand without specifying what she's to do.

Meelo finds Krom and Wrecks, while Tamira finds that King has sent her to an interview with Dira, which she has been refusing to do. Meelo announces his intention to face Krom, despite the rules against fighting between racers. Tamira then reveals during her interview that part of the appeal for her in racing is facing her fear and overcoming it. Meelo then confronts Krom over his friends' objections, but the crocodile is unable to lay a hand on the smaller, nimbler chameleon. After paking a fool of Krom with dodges, jumps, and jabs, Meelo ends things by activating a taser built into his jacket.

Wrecks takes an unconscious Krom to the medical ward with a warning from Meelo. When Tamira goes to see King, he is reprimanding Krom and Wrecks for their attempted attack on Meelo. After threatening to end their racing careers, he explains to Tamira that he sent her to the interview blind because he knew she would object. He then claims that he did it for her own good, seeing her as a racer with a promising future ahead. In gratitude for Tag, Sonny, and Meika's efforts, he provides Tag with five year worth of Axle's race footage so he can analyze his opponent's methods.

In his office, King speaks to his employers regarding his decisions regarding Tamira, and reveals his intent to invite Tag to join his team.


  • Krom refers to himself as the "Crocodile Hunter", a reference to the late Steve Irwin.
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