"It's just cars and drivers."
—Miles' recurring advice to Tag

Miles is an anthropomorphic male owl and Tag's crew chief and mechanic.

Official Description

"An experienced mechanic and a veteran of the racing world, Miles has been a longtime friend to Tag's family. He serves as Tag's chief mechanic and race advisor, drawing upon all his years of knowledge and experience to aid Tag.

With his no-nonsense attitude and gruff exterior, he takes on the role as Tag's mentor and moral compass, advising him on matters on and off the race track."[1]


Riq and Tag

Miles started out as Riq's crew chief, in the days before the Rimba Grand Prix was organized. The two had won three consecutive racing championships together, and were on their way to a fourth to be decided by a race at Pinewood Reservoir. Miles was also the only person in Riq's racing life to be aware that he had a wife and son. Just before their last race, Miles encouraged Riq to bring them to events, but Riq wished to keep the two parts of his life separate. Miles was then dismayed to learn that Riq intended to retire after the Pinewood race so that he could spend more time with his family.

Miles disagreed with Riq's decision, knowing that it would put him out of a job and feeling that Riq would regret it if he left the sport in his prime. In frustration, he talked to Riq's rival King, who suggested that Miles sabotage Riq's car so that Riq would lose the race. Hoping that Riq would then feel obligated to continue racing, Miles made it so that the car would lose speed during the race. Unbeknownst to him, King was working on behalf of the Ringmasters, whose agent Xeno planted a dangerous device on Riq's car.

Just before starting the race, Riq made Miles promise that he would take car of Riq's son Tag if anything happened to Riq. Xeno's device caused an explosion during the race, and Riq and his car fell into a river. Believing himself responsible for the death of his best friend, and infuriated by rumors that he and Riq had cheated their way to victory, Miles lashed out at the press. From then on, Miles' primary purpose was keeping his promise to watch over Tag.

As Tag grew up, he too developed an interest in racing, and he and Miles worked together to build the Ripper. One weekend while Miles was out of town, Tag entered the Ripper in a race against the Bash Brothers, in order to test its Thunder Pounce special feature. However, Miles arrived home early and discovered the car missing, and then tried to coach Tag through the race. Later, when Tag arrived back at Miles' garage, he informed Miles that he had been signed on to compete in the Rimba Grand Prix. Miles was initially hesitant, feeling that Riq wouldn't have approved and distrusting King, now head of the RGP.


Tag eventually convinced Miles to join him in entering the RGP, and they made their way to the Desert Rock speed track for the starting race in "The New Guy." Miles remained skeptical, and Tag's own enthusiasm dulled after seeing the veteran racers in an exhibition. Despite this, in "Welcome To The Big Time" the pair settled in aboard the Ark, though they had a somewhat unnerving encounter with Meelo. However, despite his own misgivings, Miles was able to help Tag get out on the track and make a stunning second-place finish. During the celebrations afterwards, Miles glared silently at his old friend King, who noted Miles' presence but said nothing.

In "Playing With Fire", Miles tries to help Tag deal with the embarrassment of his endorsement for Jump Jump Power Drink. After Tag is knocked out by an unknown assailant, however, Miles briefly watches over him in the hospital before letting Sonny and Meika take over. Miles then went to confront King, though in reality he sought to bug King's computer so he could search through security footage. Spotting Meelo near Tag's garage, Miles went after him, but was stopped by a revived Tag before he could do more than corner the chameleon. Later, during the race at Highland Air Race Track, Miles realized that the attack was really about sabotaging the Ripper, and talked Tag through a repair that allowed him to finish the race in seventh.

In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", Miles and Tag are both dealing with a negative public reception when Pinewood Reservoir is announced as the course for the next race. While Tag suffers from distraction that is mistaken for "the shakes", Miles takes the Ripper completely apart and then puts it back together in preparation for the race. Thinking his work done at one point, he recalls his last conversation with Riq, and decides to examine the car again. During the race, Miles cautions Tag against driving too fast, but Tag tells him it's time they put the past behind them. After Tag's stunning victory, he assures Miles that Riq's death wasn't his fault; though not entirely convinced, Miles suggests they celebrate with a toast of Jump Jump Power Drink, which he has been using as parts cleaner.

In "Can I Get A Ka-Ching!", Miles and Tag's recent victory is marred by the fact that they've run out of money to repair and modify the Ripper. As such, they are forced to seek sponsors. After attending many meetings with respective backers, they finally receive an offer from Dr. Saul. Though Tag is less than thrilled, the deal for him to advertise Uncle Saul's Foot Deodorizer secures much-needed funds. With them, Miles is able to get the Ripper ready just in time for the race at Blizzard's Bite.

In "It's Just Business", Tag informs Miles that he has been offered a place on King's team. Miles recognizes that King's offer amounts to cheating in the sport, and is horrified when Tag admits that he's considering the offer. However, when Tag ultimately rejects it, Miles is incredibly pleased, to the point that he constantly cracks bad jokes during the Jungle Gym Invitational. Unfortunately, the good feelings don't last, as King arranges for Tag to be knocked off the track by Tamira. Recognizing that they can't contend with King and his loyal racers alone, Miles questions whether Tag trusts his friends, and Tag decides to find out.



Having spent fourteen years believing himself responsible for the death of his best friend and trying to protect his best friend's son, Miles is often irritable. He has a fiery temper, and when it surfaces Tag refers to him as "Mad Miles", which Tag has expressly forbidden if the two are to work together. Despite this, Miles is not above taking reckless actions, putting Tag's welfare above every other consideration. He can be kindly, but is slow to give compliments.

In his younger days, Miles was more laid back, but also more concerned about his own situation. Though he was unwilling to actually harm Riq, he was persuaded to try and sabotage his racing career and thus keep him from the retirement he had decided upon. Miles has since paid bitterly for his duplicity, though he wasn't above accosting Riq for allowing everyone to think him dead for over a decade.


Miles is a short-shorter even than Meelo-but stockily built humanoid. His hands and neck are brown, his face is off-white, and his eyebrows and the top/back of his head are dark brown. He has brown circles around his yellow eyes, and a thicker growth of white feathers above his black beak. Miles typically wears black shoes, blue pants, a shirt with blue and light blue vertical stripes, and a black jacket with a high gray collar. When acting as Tag's crew chief, he wears an orange and brown jacket with Tag's logo over a white button up shirt.

In his younger days, Miles would have his jacket zipped up and wore a red T-shirt underneath; otherwise his attire was the same. He also lacked the mustache-like growth of feathers above his beak. Miles also sported a crew chief jacket in Riq's racing colors; as in the present day, he also wore a headset to keep in touch with his racer during an event.



At one point, Miles and Meelo were on bad terms, with Miles believing Meelo had attacked Tag and Meelo resenting his accusations. However, after Miles let slip that he recognized Meelo as a mechanical genius, Meelo warmed up to Miles, much to his annoyance.


As part of the Tag Team, Meika often associates with Miles, though Miles is rather more reserved than the bubbly young fox. Despite this, Miles seems to consider her a friend and ally, and doesn't object to her presence or being around her.

Mr. King

Miles and King have known each other for years, and were apparently on good enough terms that King often addresses Miles as "old friend." However, after the accident that was though to have taken Riq's life, Miles came to see how manipulative King could be. Unimpressed by the hippo's power, he was perfectly willing to glare at or accost him in public. King, for his part, knew that Miles held himself responsible for Riq's accident, and was willing to play on that sense of guilt. Miles has since become dedicated to helping bring King down.


Miles worked as Riq's crew chief and was his close friend, though he questioned Riq's decision to leave his family out of his life as a racer. When Riq announced his plans to retire from racing, Miles became upset, both because he felt Riq would regret leaving the sport and because of his own job. Unfortunately, he was persuaded by King to sabotage Riq's car, in hopes that losing a race would prompt him to remain in the sport. Just before Riq's-apparently fatal-last race, Riq made Miles promise to take care of his son Tag if anything happened to him.

Though his sabotage had been minor, Miles came to believe he had caused Riq's death, and honored his friend's memory by watching over Tag as the young tiger grew up. Fourteen years later, he was stunned to learn that Riq had survived the crash but gone into hiding, and came to resent his friend for doing do. Riq later admitted that he had feared Miles was in league with the Ringmasters; he subsequently determined that Miles was not, but still begrudged his attempts to keep Riq from retiring. Though the old friends weren't quite as close as they had been, Riq expressed gratitude to Miles for his guardianship of Tag.


Miles and Sonny are on friendly terms, though Miles is something of an odd-man out among the young racers he usually associates with. Sonny took Miles by surprise when he implied knowledge of Tag's family history, which Miles did not attempt to deny. While he usually keeps to Tag's garage, Miles has been seen keeping Tag and Sonny company in Sonny's room.


Miles has watched over Tag ever since the death of his father Riq, and considers the young tiger to be family. Of course, this has its high and low points, as Miles is often frustrated by Tag's reckless behavior. However, Miles would also do anything for Tag, including launching his own investigation after Tag was attacked in their garage.


Miles and Tamira, both somewhat reserved by nature, did not interact much during the RGP XIII; instead, Miles primarily observed Tag's interactions with Tamira or heard him talk about her. Eventually, recognizing that his young friend had a crush, Miles would refer to Tamira as Tag's "sort-of girlfriend", a suspicion that he shared with the other members of the Tag Team. The two later worked together to steal the black box from RGP Headquarters, with Tamira somehow persuading the older and less athletic owl to join in her efforts. As such, the two have developed a bond of comradery, seen in Miles questioning her about Riq sneaking aboard the Ark and her smiling in response.


  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Miles is a self-trained mechanic. He has extensive knowledge in automobile engineering."
    • "It was Miles who designed Tag's car, 'The Ripper'."
    • "Tag views Miles as a father figure since Miles has been looking out for him since he was young."
    • "Miles was also known as 'Mad Miles' due to his flaring temper and grumpy demeanour."
    • "Miles' design is based on the great horned owl, otherwise known as the tiger owl."
    • "Miles produces his best work when he is under pressure."
    • "Miles is a local from Silver City, one of the most populated cities on the planet."
    • "Miles was involved in professional racing even before the RGP was formed."
    • "Miles is old fashioned - he prefers to tune engines without the use of digital devices."
    • "Miles' favorite past time is listening to his vinyl record collection."


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