Meika is an anthropomorphic female fox.

Official Description

"Meika is usually known for her sweet and sunny disposition off the track, and is quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. However, her competitive spirit and tendency to face any challenges head on will make anyone think twice about pushing her over.

With her keen intelligence and determination, Meika proves to be a ferocious driver on the track and she has earned her place among the racing elite."[1]



Meika first appears in "The New Guy" as one of the veteran racers taking part in the thirteenth Rimba Grand Prix. She joins the others in putting on a racing demonstration at the tournament's opening event. In "Welcome To The Big Time", she and her friend Sonny introduce themselves to newcomer Tag, and take a liking to him after learning he's a fan of their careers. Despite this, they choose not to take things easy on him during his first race. However, when several racers-including Meika-become caught in a pileup, Tag is able to jump over them to take second place.



Meika is fairly close to human in much of her appearance, possessing a slim feminine frame. The obvious exceptions to this are her fur, tail, and head, the latter of course resembling a stylized fox's head. She has large, pointed ears that are brown on the outside and pink on the inside. Meika has large green eyes and wears lilac eyeshadow, and much of her face is white-furred except for an orange streak running from her forehead to the tip of her nose, and two more that run along her cheeks beneath the white areas around her eyes. The rest of her head is orange-furred, including two tufts sticking out from the sides of her head beneath her ears.

While racing, Meika sports a purple and lilac jumpsuit, over which she wears a short magenta jacket with a fluffy white ruff around the collar. She also wears a bluish gray belt with a gold triangle clasp, pink-lensed glasses with gold frames, and an open-faced pink and purple helmet. Meika's casual attire consists of a long purple top with striped sleeves that extended to her wrists. She also wears reddish brown pants and dark gray high-heel boots. The only accessory Meika retains with both her outfits is a gold necklace that forms a triangular shape on the front of her neck, similar to the clasp on her racing belt.



Meika and Axle are competitors, but have had little interaction off the track. As a Ringmasters operative she was his superior, though he may have been ignorant of that role.


Meika and Cuckoo competed against each other in the RGP XIII, but had little off track interaction. After Cuckoo was forced to sit out a race due to injuries, Meika apparently visited him in the Ark hospital and signed one of his casts.


Meika and Krom are competitors, and are implicitly enemies due to her membership on the Tag Team and his on King's team. However, Meika was also for a time an operative of the Ringmasters, making her Krom's superior, though he was apparently unaware of this.


Meika and Meelo are friends, though like Tag and Sonny she enjoys teasing him. Despite this, she is greatly concerned for his safety, as shown when she urged him not to defy King after Sonny ended up in a coma and Tag quit the RGP temporarily. Their friendship was tested after Meika planted a device in Meelo's room, and moreover when it destroyed Meelo's computer systems.

Mr. King

As a member of the Tag Team, Meika has acted against King; however, as an operative of the Ringmasters, she was later placed in authority over him. When she struggled with her dual role, she actually spoke with King, wondering how he had managed such an existence.

Ms. Dira

Meika interacts well with Ms. Dira, being one of the warmer racers when it comes to being interviewed.


Meika and Ooaa competed against each other in the RGP XIII; otherwise, they had little interaction.


Meika and Pike have some history together, and there is some incident in their past for which she refuses to forgive him. Despite his flirtations, she typically reacts to him with coldness, only interacting with him due to their shared allegiance to the Ringmasters. However, in the event that he angers her, she is not above physical force, once even throwing him out of an elevator they were riding in together.


Meika was an undercover operative for the Ringmasters throughout RGP XIII, and acted to prevent their identities from being disclosed by scrambling information on King's black box. During RGP XIV she continued this role while also acting as King's superior and in loose tandem with Pike and the Ringmasters' other operatives. However, her employers' cold demands went at odds with the genuine friendships she had developed, and she eventually decided to side with her friends against them.


Meika and Sonny have been friends for a long time, having helped each other during their first RGP race. The two are often seen together off the track, and have also worked together while racing. Meika is incredibly close to Sonny, barely leaving his bedside while he was in a coma and reacting with anger to anyone associated with his injuries. Despite this, their friendship suffered a blow when, in her capacity as a Ringmasters operative, she planted one of Xeno's devices in Meelo's room.

Though Sonny respected Meika's right to secrets, the fact that Meika had lied to them was too much, and for a time their friendship seemed ended. Their close bond managed to overcome this hurtle, however, and Sonny managed to convince Meika to help against her employers.


Meika quickly took a shine to Tag after meeting him due to his admiration of her and Sonny, and soon welcomed him into their circle of friends. Meika has done much to try and help Tag, and is one of his closest allies as a member of the Tag Team. He seems to find her attractive, but it is unknown whether she reciprocates this. She was, at one point, horrified to find him in her room apparently about to go looking through her stuff.[2]

Meika and Tag's friendship was damaged slightly when she turned out to be an operative for the Ringmasters. However, Sonny convinced Tag and the others that Meika could help them.


Meika and Tamira are friends, though the bubbly Meika often finds it hard to get the taciturn Tamira to open up. Despite this, Tamira came to Meika's defense during one race, with Meika sending her a basket of shampoo as a thank you. After Tamira joined King's team and Sonny was left comatose following a team race, Meika attacked Tamira, who warned her that the same thing might happen to her if she didn't heed King's orders.


Both Meika and Vyxx are Ringmasters operatives, but Meika's double agent status made it so that no connection was acknowledged. Meika's disdain for Pike also seems to play a factor, as Vyxx is often in company with the wolf.


Meika and Wrecks were competitors, both of them taking part in the RGP XIII. Their antagonism was heightened due to being on opposing teams.


Both Meika and Xeno are Ringmasters operatives, but Meika's double agent status made it so that no connection was acknowledged. Meika's disdain for Pike also seems to play a factor, as Xeno is often in company with the wolf. Xeno is also reclusive by nature, making no apparent effort to interact with others.


  • According to the trivia section of her Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Meika unwinds by reading beauty magazines or watching soap operas."
    • "Meika has been in the RGP twice."
    • "Meika and Sonny are very close friends, but they remain as fierce competitors on the track."
    • "Meika has a large following on Squealer where she publishes make-up tutorial videos."
    • "Meika can play the piano and she used to take up gymnastics in her teens."
    • "Meika's design is based on the red fox and the fennec."
    • "Meika has been the brand ambassador of FurShine products for the past 4 years."
    • "Meika does yoga and aerobics to stay in shape."
    • "Meika is the only child from a wealthy and prestigious family."
    • "Meika's favourite snack is raspberry tart and jelly ice cream."
    • "Meika is an avid collector of chibi dolls."


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