Meelo is an anthropomorphic male chameleon.

Official Description

"The most tech-savvy racer in the circuit, Meelo has a fascination with technology and he’s got the brains to sustain that obsession.

Although he is known to be mistrustful, sarcastic and socially-awkward, Meelo is also respected for his sharp observation skills and willingness to face risky situations head-on. The combination of his intelligence, calculated strategies and high-end technology easily gives him an edge over the competition."[1]



Introduced in "The New Guy", Meelo was one of seven veteran racers to enter the RGP XIII. He later introduced himself-somewhat creepily-to Tag and Miles in "Welcome To The Big Time", informing that an encounter between Tag and Krom had been posted on Squealer. During the race at Desert Rose, he managed to get past Tag by making it appear as though he would use the Azureus Dart's Poison Arrow on the Ripper. However, Tag managed to recover and win second place, while Meelo was caught in a pileup with Sonny, Meika, and Ooaa caused by the latter's Golden Cosmos.

In "Playing With Fire", Meelo is one of the few racers who is actually angry about Tag's Jump Jump Power Drink endorsement, given its apparent superiority to his own first deal. Miles later comes to believe that Meelo is responsible for an attack on Tag and confronts him, but is stopped by Tag, Sonny, and Meelo. In Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls, Meelo agrees to help Tag-despite Miles' assault-upon learning that he apparently has a condition called "the shakes", which Meelo has been studying for some time. He subjects Tag to a number of grueling exercises, all of which are intended to cure him. Meelo, in his own mind, succeeds, but comes to regret it when Tag effortlessly outpaces him in the race at Pinewood Reservoir.


Meelo is a rather eccentric individual, brilliant with machines but lacking social graces.


Meelo has a short, slim humanoid build, standing a head shorter than Tag and appearing even more compact than Meika. He has green scales visible on his hands, head, and tail. Meelo's head is large and bulbous, with big round blue eyes that appear mostly covered by gigantic green eyelids, and large nostrils.

Meelo's racing attire consists of a jumpsuit with areas of pale green, blue, and dark blue on various portions. These include a large green ruff around the dark blue neck, light blue shoulders and forearms connected by blue sleeves, and dark blue shapes on a green torso. He also wears a belt with several pieces of equipment protruding from it, and a blue helmet that has two large lenses through which his eyes can be seen. Meelo's casual attire consists of a short-sleeved white jacket with a pale green collar, bottom, zipper, and two stripes running down his front. This is worn over a light blue long-sleeved shirt; Meelo also wears blue jeans and black shoes with white laces.



Meelo has competed against Axle in the Rimba Grand Prix, but the two have had little actual interaction.


Cuckoo was one of Meelo's competitors in RGP XIII, but the two didn't have much interaction.


In addition to be fierce competitors on the track, Meelo and Krom have an enmity when they're not racing as well. At one point Krom, despite rules against such, was looking to attack Meelo. Meelo was eager to meet the confrontation, feeling that it would be cowardly to run away from a bully. Despite his friends' best efforts, Meelo eventually faced Krom, and contrary to expectations humiliated the bigger racer with his acrobatic and engineering skills.


Meelo and Meika are friends, though like Sonny and Tag Meika enjoys teasing Meelo. The two are allies as members of the Tag Team, though for a time Meika acted against the group as a Ringmasters operative.


Meelo and Miles got off to a rough start, with Miles briefly thinking Mello had attacked Tag and going after him seeking vengeance. As a result, Meelo was leery of Miles for some time, and reluctant to help either him or Tag. However, as the two came to work together, Meelo learned that Miles recognized him as a mechanical genius, and was greatly flattered.

Mr. King

As a member of the Tag Team, Meelo seeks to undermine King's control over the RGP.

Ms. Dira


Meelo and Ooaa both competed in the RGP XIII, but otherwise did not interact with each other.


As an operative of the Ringmasters, Pike is one of Meelo's enemies, and has noted Meelo as a priority target.


As a member of the Tag Team, Meelo seeks to help expose the Ringmasters and bring an end to their shadowy reign over the RGP. Meelo has particularly attracted their attention due to infiltrating their systems on more than one occasion, as well as trying to decode information about them on the black box.


As an ally of the Tag Team, Riq is an ally of Meelo's; Meelo was the least surprised of the team to learn of Riq's survival.


Meelo and Sonny are friends and allies on the Tag Team, though Sonny isn't above teasing Meelo or making bets with potentially humiliating stakes with them.


Meelo unnerved Tag when they first met, and later came to have some dislike for the tiger due to Miles' confrontation with him. However, after learning that Tag supposedly had "the shakes", Meelo agreed to help, though more out of professional interest than desire to aid Tag. Eventually Meelo became part of the Tag Team, helping Tag in his efforts against King and even providing technology to help him resist King's machinations.


Meelo and Tamira are competitors, but they are also allies as part of the Tag Team; for a time Tamira's place on King's team caused friction between them. Since Tamira's true allegiance became known, Meelo has been one of her closest allies, particularly in seeking to decode King's black box.


Meelo developed a crush on Vyxx, which his friends took much delight in teasing him about.


Meelo and Wrecks were competitors, and further antagonism resulted from their conflicting affiliations with the Tag Team and King's team.


Meelo and Xeno are rivals, both of them technical geniuses on opposite sides of the Ringmasters conflict. When Xeno joined the RGP XIV, Meelo got on his bad side by taking one of his devices out of his hands without asking. Xeno was quick to pay him back by knocking him out of the first race of the season.


  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Meelo can play the violin and he loves listening to classical music while working."
    • "Most people are unaware of Meelo's personal wealth. He has his own line of specialized auto parts."
    • "Being a self-proclaimed genius, Meelo has been diagnosed with having a superiority complex."
    • "Meelo usually stays up late reading tech blueprints - which probably explains his crankiness."
    • "Meelo's design is based on the Graceful chameleon"
    • "Meelo is paranoid of hackers. He constantly monitors his servers from his wristwatch."
    • "Meelo is an only child. His father is a dentist and his mother is an optometrist."
    • "Meelo is the youngest racer in the current RGP lineup and has been in the RGP twice."
    • "Meelo customizes his clothes with thermal fabric and electric pulses to keep himself warm."
    • "Meelo maintains and upgrades the Azureus Dart all by himself."


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