Krom is an anthropomorphic male crocodile.

Official Description

"Krom is an aggressive racer who shows more interest in knocking his competitiors off the track rather than crossing the finish line. Prone to bullying, taunting and getting into fights, he definitely takes pleasure in creating chaos and confusion wherever he goes.

Crude as he is, Krom has formed a kinship with his fellow racer, Wrecks. His fearsome looks and strength are his best assets in staying in the game, and no one can argue with that."[1]



Introduced in "The New Guy", Krom is one of the seven veteran racers taking part in the RGP XIII. In "Welcome To The Big Time", newcomer Tag bumps into him and Wrecks in the hallway, annoying the pair. Tamira prevents things from getting violent, but Krom later posts the incident to Squealer, where he has several hundred followers. He and Wrecks subsequently go after Tag during the race at Ruby Rock, only to accidentally ram Cuckoo's Ruby Star. Its Super Nova special feature is activated, taking both brutes out of the race.

In "Playing With Fire", Krom and Wrecks are highly amused by Tag's Jump Jump Power Drink ad, but Krom is unamused when Tag bumps into him in the Ark lounge and makes him spill a drink all over himself. Krom promises payback, and after Tag is assaulted in his garage, the tiger comes to believe Krom is responsible. With that in mind, he goes after Krom during the race at Highland Air Race Track, and succeeds in knocking him out. However, Krom proves not to be the culprit. In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls, Krom takes part in the race at Pinewood Reservoir, in which Tag places first.



Krom is among the less human-looking racers, with a stocky build and stubby limbs, as well as a stylized crocodile head and a long tail. He is larger than Tag, and his body is covered by light-green scales. He has large yellow eyes, and is always seen wearing a set of dog tags on a black string around his neck. Krom's casual attire consists of a sleeveless black top with orange lining around the collar and arm holes, and fingerless black gloves. He also wears white and orange shorts with blue stripes, and black shoes with orange soles and stripes across the tops.

While racing, Krom wears a multi-colored jumpsuit, with orange and black stripes on the legs, sides, and shoulders. The center of his torso is white, and his sleeves are greenish-gray with his logo printed on them. He wears brown gloves and boots, and a long green helmet with a transparent visor that encases his whole head. The helmet has green camouflage printing and short spikes on the top, while the lower section is pale green with orange strips running along the sides.



Axle and Krom are both members of King's team, and Krom's task during most RGP XIII races was insuring Axle's victory by knocking out or slowing down other racers. The two otherwise had little interaction, due primarily to Axle's antisocial nature. In the RGP XIV they found themselves the last members of King's team, and thus began-albeit reluctantly-interacting more.


Krom and Cuckoo both competed in the RGP XIII, but otherwise had no interactions.


Krom and Meelo are competitors, and the smaller reptile has often been the target of Krom's ire. Their antagonism is only heightened by their membership on King's team and the Tag Team, respectively. Due to his much greater size and strength, Krom initially saw Meelo as an insignificant, if annoying, pest. However, Meelo soon demonstrated-both on the track and off it-that being smaller, swifter, and above all smarter gave him an edge.


Krom and Meika are competitors, and their antagonism is only heightened by their membership on King's team and the Tag Team, respectively.

Mr. King

Krom is loyal to King, having been recruited to join his team and thus received many benefits as a racer. King has also employed Krom for security purposes, something none of his other chosen racers have been seen doing. However, King is not above reprimanding Krom for his incompetence, and is also somewhat frustrated by Krom's stupidity.

Ms. Dira

Krom has occasional interviews with Ms. Dira, in which he usually puts on an air of


Krom and Ooaa both competed in the RGP XIII, but otherwise had no interactions.


As an operative of the Ringmasters, Pike is King's superior and thus has authority over Krom as well. However, where King and Axle resent Pike and his cohorts, Krom seems to bear no animosity towards them.


Operating as the secret heads of the RGP, the Ringmasters have enabled Krom to pursue a racing career for a number of years. However, Krom is at the lower end of the organization, being subordinate to King and the Ringmasters' operatives.


Krom and Sonny are competitors, and are also on opposite sides as members of King's team and the Tag Team. Krom had a hand in Sonny ending up in a coma during RGP XIII, and Sonny later knocked Krom out of a subsequent race.


When Vyxx joined the RGP XIV, Krom attempted to cozy up to her; however, she expressed little interest in befriending him. As a Ringmasters operative she outranks him in their organization, though she's paid little attention to him.


Tag quickly got on Krom's bad side after joining the RGP XIII, with Krom and Wrecks nearly beating the rookie. Their manners didn't improve on the track, with the two attempting to knock Tag out. Later, Tag annoyed Krom further by spilling a drink on him, and Tag later suspected Krom of sneaking into his garage and attacking him. As a result, Tag knocked Krom out of the next race, cementing their antagonism. It only grew as Tag and his friends formed an alliance against King's team, of which Krom is a prime member.


Krom and Tamira are competitors, but despite his greater size he seems to have a healthy respect for the female panther. For a time Krom and Tamira were both part of King's team, but Tamira used this as a cover for her efforts to undermine the Ringmasters. Krom led the security team that attempted to recapture her, but failed miserably in the attempt.


Wrecks and Krom shared a bond as large, aggressive racers with vehicles to match. However, where Krom had absolutely no qualms about taking part in King's underhanded tactics, Wrecks had some reservations and at times had to be bullied into it. Ultimately, during the final race of the RGP XIII, Wrecks got tired of obeying King and putting up with Krom's insults, and used the Atlas to ram the Heavy Metal, taking both of them out of the race. Despite this, Krom would later comment-after Wrcecks retired-that he missed talking with his former teammate.


As a Ringmasters operative Xeno outranks Krom in their organization, though Xeno's paid little attention to Krom.


  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Krom has been racing in the RGP for the last four seasons."
    • "Krom's Squealer account is massively popular; he has over 300,000 followers."
    • "Krom tried to intimidate Tamira once. He woke up two days later in the medical ward."
    • "Krom has a nasty habit of coming up with demeaning nicknames for other racers."
    • "Krom's usual sparring partner is Wrecks, mostly because nobody else dares to box with him."
    • "Krom's design is based on the salt water crocodile."
    • "Krom does not believe in restraining himself, even when it comes to his diet."
    • "Krom's ideal vacation spot is somewhere tropical with tiny umbrellas in his drink."
    • "Krom once tried to enlist in the military, but his application was rejected."
    • "Krom has a peculiar habit of taping pictures of his rival's faces onto his punching bag."


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