Dewey is a male giraffe and cameraman for the Rimba Grand Prix, primarily serving to film Ms. Dira when she's covering events or doing interviews.



In "Welcome To The Big Time", Dewey appears at a press event with Ms. Dira prior to the start of RGP XIII, filming as she interviews first the veteran racers and then the rookies Cuckoo, Ooaa, and Tag. After the race at Desert Rose, he and Dira rush past Axle to interview Tag after his surprise second-place finish. In "Mostly True Confessions", he accompanies Dira as she interviews the various racers aboard the Ark. At one point, the pair have trouble with lights in a storage room converted into an interview space, but discover a tripped circuit breaker to be responsible.


As a giraffe, Dewey has white fur with brown spots running up the back of his long neck and along the backs of his arms. Spotless white fur extends up the front of his neck to his muzzle, and also circles his blue eyes. Dewey wears black shoes, a long green T-shirt, and an orange vest over his lanky humanoid frame. The top of his head is brown with short yellow hair-which runs down the back of his neck-and eyebrows, with brown horns tipped with yellow sticking through it. Dewey also wears a red baseball cap backward on top of his head, and black fingerless gloves.


Ms. Dira

Ms. Dira is Dewey's direct superior, and the two seem to have a good working relationship, with Dira showing no signs of talking down to him.


  • As Ms. Dira's cameraman, Dewey is presumably responsible for most if not all of her reporting footage. However, being behind the camera, he more often than not goes unseen.
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