"Looks like Tag the rookie is getting schooled out there. Some might call it...a crash course. *beat* It's a sickness! I can't help it!"
—Becks to Beaks[src]

Becks is an anthropomorphic male goat and newscaster who covers the Rimba Grand Prix.

Official Description

"A long-time commentator of the Rimba Grand Prix, Becks has become the voice that many fans associate with the sport of racing. Famous for his enthusiastic and excitable delivery, Becks is a trusted source of information to his audience.

Together with his partner Beaks, Becks provides news regarding the Rimba world locations, race rules, character backgrounds and race history."[1]


Becks has been covering racing for over a decade, as he was heard commentating on Riq's last race at Pinewood Reservoir in "A Lesson In History".


In "The New Guy", Becks joins Beaks in announcing the RGP XIII and introducing the seven veteran racers to viewers. In "Welcome To The Big Time", the pair are joined by Mr. King in commenting on the season starting race at Desert Rose speed track. Becks comments about King's attempts at puns, only to be stared at for his own efforts by Beaks. Unlike Beaks, he fails to recognized Tag using one of Riq's moves during the race, but is stunned when the rookie makes a record second place finish.

In "Playing With Fire", Becks and Beaks welcome Tag into their newsroom, and Becks is the first to inform Tag of his endorsement with Jump Jump Power Drink. When Miles is going through Ark security footage, Becks is visible in the newsroom leaping into the air and clicking his heels together as Beaks watches. Together with Ms. Dira, they also provide commentary for the race at Highland Air Race Track. In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", the pair announce the next race's location as Pinewood Reservoir, infamous for Riq's apparent death. They also comment during the race, and are stunned when Tag finishes in first.

In "Can I Get A Ka-Ching!", Becks comments on the race at Blizzard's Bite, noting Axle's determination to regain his lead after losing to Tag at Pinewood.


Becks is very vocal and exuberant, the opposite of his partner of few words Beaks.


Becks has a slim humanoid build topped by a stylized male goat head with two large black horns emerging from the top back and curling around behind his pointed ears. He is covered in white wool except for his red nose, and has blue eyes. Becks wears glasses, a white shirt with a red suit coat, and a black tie with diagonal yellow stripes towards the bottom.



Like most people, Becks is somewhat put off by Axle's quiet nature.


Despite Beaks' few words, Becks is apparently able to decipher what his partner wants to communicate in any situation.

Mr. King

Becks is amiable towards Mr. King, given the hippo being his superior; however, he isn't afraid to show his lack of appreciation for King's jokes.

Ms. Dira

Dira works directly under Becks and Beaks as a field correspondent, and their relationship seems to be positive.


Becks was quite impressed by Tag's performance in the RGP XIII, though he hardly let him get a word in edgewise during their first interview.


  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Becks had a short stint as a stand-up comedian when he was younger."
    • "Becks has been commentating on the motor racing scene for almost three decades."
    • "Becks is quite nimble for a person of his age due to his ballroom dancing hobby."
    • "Becks is often quoted saying that he wouldn't have gotten to where he is now without Beaks."
    • "Without his glasses, Becks is certifiably blind."
    • "Becks uploaded 'RGP Update Bloopers', one of the highest-viewed videos on social media."
    • "Becks' design is based on the British alpine goat."
    • "Becks and Beaks are on-air commentary partners in the RGP Update."
    • "Becks always asks for a cup of honey lemon tea after he is done with the show."
    • "Becks has stated that he'll never get tired of the sport and has no plans to retire soon."
    • "Becks was a game show host before he became famous as a sports commentator."


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