Beaks is an anthropomorphic male parrot and newscaster who covers the Rimba Grand Prix.

Official Description

"As a veteran commentator on RGP update, Beaks is Becks' long-time partner and collaborator. Possessing intimate knowledge regarding everything about the race, Beaks provides valuable racing insight to the viewers and complements Becks' personality with his off-kilt eccentric style.

Together with Becks, Beaks has turned RGP Update into one of the highest rated sports commentary shows in history."[1]



In "The New Guy", Beaks joins Becks in announcing the RGP XIII and introducing the seven veteran racers to viewers, making occasional single-word comments. In "Welcome To The Big Time", the pair are joined by Mr. King in commenting on the season starting race at Desert Rose speed track. Beaks gives Becks a couple of looks when he starts making puns, and later seems to recognize a move used by Tag as one employed by Riq. In "Playing With Fire", Becks and Beaks welcome Tag into their newsroom; when Miles is going through Ark security footage, Becks is visible in the newsroom leaping into the air and clicking his heels together as Beaks watches. Together with Ms. Dira, they also provide commentary for the race at Highland Air Race Track.

In "Shakes, Rattles, & Rolls", the pair announce the next race's location as Pinewood Reservoir, infamous for Riq's apparent death. They also comment during the race, and are stunned when Tag finishes in first. In "Can I Get A Ka-Ching!", Becks and Beaks comment on the race at Blizzard's Bite, noting Axle's determination to regain his lead after losing to Tag at Pinewood.


Unlike most animals, Beaks speaks mostly like his real-world inspiration, typically only making one or two-word replies to comments made by others.


Beaks' namesake is large and yellow dominating the front of his face, with a small red patch above and a larger red patch below it. To either side are white patches surrounding his green eyes, which are also bordered beneath by the large red patch. The rest of Beaks' head is bright green, with a few feathers sticking out at the back of his head. Like Becks he wears a white dress shirt and red suit coat, with a large blue tie; however, Beaks appears pudgier than his fellow newscaster. He also wears black slacks and shoes, though these are usually not visible.



Beaks is much less verbose than his partner, though Becks seems to gather more from Beaks' single-word answers and gestures than anyone else does.


  • According to the trivia section of his Rimba Racer character page:
    • "Before his big break into sports commentary, Beaks was a highly successful motivational speaker."
    • "He has been featured on 'Clause on Claws' magazine as 'Most Influential Sports Person'."
    • "Beaks is frequently invited by universities to give lectures regarding sports commentary."
    • "Beaks' design is based on the great green macaw."
    • "Alongside with his partner Becks, Beaks is always stationed abroad the Ark."
    • "Beaks' favorite snack is cheese and crackers."
    • "Beaks is proficient in 15 languages."
    • "Beaks spend all his free at the Ark's karaoke lounge."


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